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Scribers understands all the nuts, bolts and gears that make Inbound Content Marketing actually work.

Why Scribers?

Hello, I'm Devangana. I am a Content Marketing nerd. I understand what kind of content attracts, influences, converts and delights. I help brands understand who their customers are, how they behave online and what kind of content reaches them and makes them click.

I am Hubspot Inbound Certified and I have applied Inbound Marketing principles to ideate, strategise, create and distribute impactful content through social distribution, niche community outreach and Influencer Marketing.

  • Not Outsourced

  • None of the projects at Scribers is ever outsourced as opposed to most "agencies" where a bulk of the key tasks are often white labelled. You will find consistency in the voice, the traffic quality, outreach pitch and across every other data-point.

  • Organic & Permanent

  • Often, when brands change partners, traffic, social followers and other growth numbers fall. This is because the growth isn't actually organic and comes through private affiliate networks. Not with Scribers. I employ 100% organic growth strategies. If you expect magic solutions, I'm not the person for you.

  • Result Oriented

  • At Scribers, I do not believe in vanity metrics, unless that's what you are asking for. I understand that content is just the beginning of your business funnel. It leads to something more: Sales, leads, subscriptions, etc. I create and market content that brings in meaningful ROI.

Content Strategy

Content Marketing encompasses the creation, distribution and conversion-optimising everything from your blog, landing pages, sales funnels, marketing offers (like those free ebooks you give away), social and community distribution, email marketing and more.

I will help you make sense of it all and put it into a lean funnel with each component placed in its right place to skyrocket your business growth. At Scribers, I look at the big picture and ignore all vanity metrics

Content Creation

Content is the face of your business and I make sure you look great. I'll make your brand voice shine through (and help you create one if you are unsure of what your brand's voice should be like) all your content - your blog, knowledge-base, emails, and more.

I am extensively experienced in creating high quality, search engine and conversion optimised content for Marketing, Business, Finance, Lifestyle and Travel verticals. I have created long-form articles, syndication content, product content (for both web and mobile), email newsletters, managed blog calendars at scale, and more.

Marketing Stack

I believe Content Marketing is 80% Distribution and 20% Content. I can research, reverse engineer and plan laser focused content distribution campaigns using all forms of media: Paid, Owned and Earned. I have helped scale product blogs from creation to over 20,000 unique visitors within months.

I understand all the nuances of content marketing and I have helped multiple brands in creating customer personas and pinpointing buyer journey stages, and then created content and marketing offers to match each persona and buying journey stage.


The days of bulk link-building and Domain Authority driven content creation are gone. Google is way smarter now with AI and deep neural networks being active parts of the ranking algorithm which takes into account over 200 factors to decide where you stand in SERPs.

I can help create keyword-rich, search engine optimised content that is future-proof. I have also helped brands mine highly effective keywords and design/write creatives for finely tuned AdWord campaigns that drive high CTR and low CPA.

Social Media

I help create social strategies that are human, connect brands with their target audiences as thought-leaders, and consistently generate ROI that make business sense.

I have created and managed social media campaigns covering all main business goals: branding, lead-generation or as a funnel to transactions. I have hands-on experience in not just traditional platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc., but also in niche channels such as Quora, Reddit and forums.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are not just celebrities. I have helped brands amplify the reach of their content and brand efforts multiply by conducting research-backed influencer outreach. I understand how to make efficent cold pitches and build warm relationships alike.

No matter what your industry, I can help identify influencers who have the ability to actually influence the buying decisions of your target audience.

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